Reach job-seeking providers online, in print, and in person.

Connect with Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, RNs, and other Allied Healthcare Providers interested in new career opportunities.

Recruit Online

CareerMD's series of Virtual Career Fairs draws the attention of thousands of qualified job-seeking Nurses and Advanced Practice Providers each quarter.

Connect in Person

Network with potential candidates and build awareness of your organization by participating in CareerMD Healthcare Career Fairs nationwide.

Promote with Print

Place organization and vacancy information directly into the hands of every candidate in attendance at CareerMD Healthcare Career Fairs.

Partnering with leaders in healthcare

More than 2,000 leading hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country use the CareerMD Platform to connect with top talent.

Virtual Events

Connect online with clinical providers credentialed to work in your state.

Virtual Career Fairs enable clinical providers to learn about your organization and reach out to recruiting representatives directly to ask questions and express interest. Happening every quarter in every state, each fair is a chance to help Allied Health professionals get acquainted with your organization.

  • Educate potential applicants about the strengths of your program.
  • Converse with interested applicants at your convenience.

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Upcoming Virtual Career Fairs by Profession
Registered Nurse (RN and LPN/LVN)
Nurse Practitioner & Advanced Practice Nurse (NP, CNM, CNS)
Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Physician Assistant (PA)
Respiratory Therapist
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Surgical Technician
Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologist
Medical Imaging Technician
Behavioral Health Therapist
Addiction Treatment Counselor
Social Worker
Pharmacist & Pharmacy Technician

Custom Virtual Career Fairs

Reserve a date today, and your Custom Virtual Career Fair can take place in as little as two weeks.

Hosted on a RemoteRecruitRN Platform that CareerMD builds and maintains just for your organization, your Custom Virtual Career Fair can support your talent acquisition needs for nurses and clinical providers in all professions and in all parts of the country. Your RemoteRecruitRN Platform can further be used to launch a supplemental programmatic advertising campaign that uses SEO, geofencing, retargeting and other digital strategies to drive traffic to your vacancies.

A Custom Virtual Career Fair from CareerMD is:

  • Easy to set up. A virtual career fair setup simply uses recruiting materials that you already have on hand, whether they are print materials, recruiting videos, job postings or pages on your organization’s main website. Our development team uses these materials to create a branded microsite for event promotion and candidate registration.
  • Valuable, lasting branding for your organization. Your event is a fully customized virtual booth, featuring your organization’s mission statement, logo, profile statement, recruiter contact information, and information about your facilities and community.
  • Widely promoted to job-seeking physicians. CareerMD drives candidate traffic to your virtual event using a tailored advertising plan that includes outreach via multiple channels to job-seeking nurses and providers, academic training programs, and professional associations and societies.
  • Affordable. Healthcare Recruiters need affordable solutions to reach nurses and clinical providers. CareerMD drives down the cost of custom virtual career fairs by using our systematic, automated process for real time, dynamic campaign management.

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Contact your CareerMD account manager to receive a registration form so that you may select a date for your organization’s Custom Virtual Career Fair.

In-person career fairs for Healthcare Providers
Tuesday August 04

CMD Healthy Event in Danville, PA

Tue., Aug 4, 2020

Thursday August 06

CMD Healthy Event in Milwaukee, WI

Thu., Aug 6, 2020

Tuesday August 11

CMD Healthy Event in Rochester, NY

Tue., Aug 11, 2020

Wednesday August 12

CMD Healthy Event in Atlanta, GA

Wed., Aug 12, 2020

Thursday August 13

CMD Healthy Event in Seattle, WA

Thu., Aug 13, 2020

Tuesday August 18

CMD Healthy Event in Youngstown, OH

Tue., Aug 18, 2020

Thursday August 20

CMD Healthy Event in Orlando, FL

Thu., Aug 20, 2020

Saturday August 22

CMD Healthy Event in New York, NY

Sat., Aug 22, 2020

Tuesday August 25

CMD Healthy Event in Minneapolis, MN

Tue., Aug 25, 2020

Thursday August 27

CMD Healthy Event in San Jose, CA

Thu., Aug 27, 2020

Tuesday September 01

CMD Healthy Event in Toledo, OH

Tue., Sep 1, 2020

Thursday September 03

CMD Healthy Event in Mobile, AL

Thu., Sep 3, 2020

Wednesday September 09

CMD Healthy Event in Charlotte, NC

Wed., Sep 9, 2020

Thursday September 10

CMD Healthy Event in Iowa City, IA

Thu., Sep 10, 2020

Saturday September 12

CMD Healthy Event in Boston, MA

Sat., Sep 12, 2020

Tuesday September 15

CMD Healthy Event in Indianapolis, IN

Tue., Sep 15, 2020

Thursday September 17

CMD Healthy Event in Phoenix, AZ

Thu., Sep 17, 2020

Tuesday September 22

CMD Healthy Event in Philadelphia, PA

Tue., Sep 22, 2020

Thursday September 24

CMD Healthy Event in Baton Rouge, LA

Thu., Sep 24, 2020

Saturday September 26

CMD Healthy Event in Chicago, IL

Sat., Sep 26, 2020

Tuesday September 29

CMD Healthy Event in Little Rock, AR

Tue., Sep 29, 2020

Thursday October 01

CMD Healthy Event in Charlottesville, VA

Thu., Oct 1, 2020

Tuesday October 06

CMD Healthy Event in Grand Rapids, MI

Tue., Oct 6, 2020

Thursday October 08

CMD Healthy Event in Newark, NJ

Thu., Oct 8, 2020

Saturday October 10

CMD Healthy Event in Los Angeles, CA

Sat., Oct 10, 2020

Tuesday October 13

CMD Healthy Event in Durham, NC

Tue., Oct 13, 2020

Thursday October 15

CMD Healthy Event in El Paso, TX

Thu., Oct 15, 2020

Tuesday October 20

CMD Healthy Event in Syracuse, NY

Tue., Oct 20, 2020

Thursday October 22

CMD Healthy Event in Portland, OR

Thu., Oct 22, 2020

Saturday October 24

CMD Healthy Event in Houston, TX

Sat., Oct 24, 2020

Tuesday October 27

CMD Healthy Event in San Francisco, CA

Tue., Oct 27, 2020

Thursday October 29

CMD Healthy Event in Springfield, MA

Thu., Oct 29, 2020

Wednesday November 04

CMD Healthy Event in Dayton, OH

Wed., Nov 4, 2020

Thursday November 05

CMD Healthy Event in Long Island, NY

Thu., Nov 5, 2020

Saturday November 07

CMD Healthy Event in San Juan, PR

Sat., Nov 7, 2020

Tuesday November 10

CMD Healthy Event in Huntington, WV

Tue., Nov 10, 2020

Thursday November 12

CMD Healthy Event in Memphis, TN

Thu., Nov 12, 2020

Saturday November 14

CMD Healthy Event in Washington, DC

Sat., Nov 14, 2020

Tuesday November 17

CMD Healthy Event in Albany, NY

Tue., Nov 17, 2020

Wednesday November 18

CMD Healthy Event in Portland, ME

Wed., Nov 18, 2020

Thursday November 19

CMD Healthy Event in Peoria, IL

Thu., Nov 19, 2020

Tuesday November 24

CMD Healthy Event in Loma Linda, CA

Tue., Nov 24, 2020

Tuesday December 01

CMD Healthy Event in Charleston, SC

Tue., Dec 1, 2020

Wednesday December 02

CMD Healthy Event in Lansing, MI

Wed., Dec 2, 2020

Thursday December 03

CMD Healthy Event in Reno, NV

Thu., Dec 3, 2020

Tuesday December 08

CMD Healthy Event in Kansas City, MO

Tue., Dec 8, 2020

Wednesday December 09

CMD Healthy Event in Hershey, PA

Wed., Dec 9, 2020

Thursday December 10

CMD Healthy Event in Temple, TX

Thu., Dec 10, 2020

Tuesday December 15

CMD Healthy Event in Roanoke, VA

Tue., Dec 15, 2020

Wednesday December 16

CMD Healthy Event in Knoxville, TN

Wed., Dec 16, 2020

Thursday December 17

CMD Healthy Event in Brooklyn, NY

Thu., Dec 17, 2020

Monday December 21

CMD Healthy Event in Columbus, OH

Mon., Dec 21, 2020

Tuesday December 22

CMD Healthy Event in New Haven, CT

Tue., Dec 22, 2020

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