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Your CareerMD Account

How do I log into my CareerMD account?

From the CareerMD homepage, click “For Employers” at the top of the screen. Then, click the “Employer Login” button and enter your email address and password. Here is the link to the Account Login page:

How can I add, edit or remove contacts on my account?

Please email with any contact changes that need to be made to contacts on your account. A CareerMD representative will be in touch with you to confirm that the changes have been made to your account.

How can I edit my company's name, address or website?

Please email with any contact changes that need to be made to your account. A CareerMD representative will be in touch with you to confirm that the changes have been made to your account.

I forgot my password - how can I retrieve it?

Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the employer login page – your password will be emailed to you. You may also email to have a representative email your password to you.

I do not have a login password - how can I create one?

If you currently receive emails from CareerMD, then you most likely have a login password. If you do not know it, you can click the "Forgot Password" link from the employer login page. If you do not have a password assigned or do not receive emails from CareerMD, please send an email to and request to have a login password created. Please be sure to include your complete contact information and the name of your organization.

How do I view my order history for orders placed online?

Log into your CareerMD account and click on "View Orders".

How can I obtain receipts?

A confirmation/receipt email is sent right after an order is placed online. Employers can also print their order confirmation page, which is the last page when placing an order online. Please be sure to save all email receipts for your records. Duplicate receipts can be printed by clicking the blue “Print Receipt” link on the View Orders page when you are logged into your account. If your order was placed manually through a CareerMD representative, you should have received a receipt via email from “GradExchange, Inc” once the charge was processed. You may request that the receipt be resent to you by emailing

What is my company profile, and how can I view or edit this information?

Employers can publish a profile at no cost, to give residents and fellows a detailed overview of your institution. You can offer specific information about working at your institution, from benefits and work environment to the area in which you are located. Your company profile is tied to each job listing that is posted on You can view or edit your company profile by logging into your CareerMD account and clicking on "Post/Edit Profile".

How can I change my password?

You can change your password to something more memorable by logging into your CareerMD account and clicking on the "Change Password" link from your account homepage.

How do I remove myself from CareerMD email notifications?

Please email with your specific requests.

Career Fairs & EXPOs

How is COVID-19 impacting Career Fairs?

All April-June 2020 in-person Career Fairs have moved online, for the safety but continuing recruitment needs of all participants. Please see the FAQ sections for "Virtual Career Fairs" and "COVID-19 Updates" for more information about these all-day virtual events.

How can I register for upcoming events?

To register for an upcoming CareerMD event, log in to your account and click the "Register for Events" link, under the “Career Fairs” title. You must use this online system and pay by credit card at the time of registration. CareerMD cannot "hold" event reservations. If you would like to register for multiple events, please contact a CareerMD representative for package discount options.

What is included in the registration fee?

Registration entitles your organization to event access and admission for two representatives. It also entitles your organization to (1) a complete lead list of all residents and fellows who participate in the event, (2) inclusion in the Participating Employers Guide and the Physician Opportunities Guide, and (3) prominent exposure for your organization in all promotional materials for this event, including website exposure and listings in numerous print and email invitations sent directly to residents, fellows and training programs throughout the area.

How do I access the list of residents and fellows who are participating in a career fair?

You can access this information by logging in to your CareerMD account and clicking the "Download Candidate Lists" link, next to the Career Fairs section of your My Account page. Information about residents and fellows who participate in a given event is available as soon as you register to exhibit. If you are a search firm, you will gain access to this list after the event has occurred. The final list for each event, made current by information collected at the event, is typically available about 5 business days after the date of the event. Candidate data typically includes the candidate's name, email address, training program, specialty, and year of completion. Candidates are requested, but not required, to submit their CVs, headshots, and phone numbers, so this information may or may not be included for each candidate. The list for each event includes not only those residents and fellows who attended, but also any candidates who registered to attend but did not actually do so. Candidate data typically includes the candidate's name, email address, training program, specialty, and year of completion. Candidates are requested, but not required, to submit their CVs, so this information may or may not be included for each candidate. The list for each event includes not only those residents and fellows who attended, but also any candidates who registered to attend but did not actually do so.

How many residents and fellows typically attend a CareerMD Career Fair? What specialties will be represented? Are APPs also included?

Past attendance at events is often a good indicator of future attendance, and so CareerMD publishes past attendance for all cities here: Although many residents and fellows RSVP for CareerMD Career Fairs ahead of time, many others do not, and wait to register until the day of the event. Therefore, it is not possible to predict the number of attendees at a given event, or to know what the exact mix of specialties will look like. Attendance is typically a reflection of the number and type of trainees in the area, and typically includes a mix of primary care and specialist trainees. In addition to residents and fellows, job-seeking APPs (PA's and NP's) are often also present at CareerMD Career Fairs. CareerMD Career Fairs are promoted through training programs and directly to residents and fellows in the area. To see a complete list of teaching hospitals invited to each event, click on any city name here:

I am registered to attend an upcoming Career Fair. Is there anything that I should do ahead of time? Where can I find event details?

Log in to CareerMD to update your current job postings and employer profile. As soon as you register for a Career Fair, your organization will automatically be listed as a "Featured Employer" on the CareerMD website and in all promotional materials for the event; your job postings and profile will be made available to residents and fellows. Please feel free to contact pre-registered residents and fellows in advance. You can access their information by logging in to your CareerMD account and clicking the "Download Attendee Lists" link. Specific details about each event are listed on the website - please consult the page for your Career Fair to verify location, time and other details before the date of the event.

Where can I find information about event logistics?

Location and other information about each Career Fair can be found by clicking the appropriate city name on this page: Please make sure to double check the date and location for the event when gathering information about the career fair of interest.

What should exhibitors bring to the event? How is the room set up? How are tables assigned? Will exhibitors have access to electricity or internet?

Please check the individual web page for your city to verify set up time, as this may vary by event. Employers are assigned locations on the day of the event, which are provided to exhibitors upon check-in at the Career Fair. Note that if you have completed two registrations for your organization, your assigned locations will be placed adjacent to one another. Exhibitors may bring printed materials for distribution to residents and fellows, such as brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. At this time, free-standing booths, floor banners and tabletop displays are not permitted. Attire at the event is typically business casual. Name tags are provided. Light refreshment is provided at most, but not all, events. CareerMD cannot guarantee access to electricity or internet inside the event room.

I am shipping a box of brochures to a Career Fair. When should I schedule my package(s) to arrive?

Please check the event page for your Career Fair for specific instructions about shipping to and from your venue, and please coordinate directly with the venue. We recommended that you schedule packages to arrive at Career Fair venues no more than two days prior to an event. If/when possible, we recommend bringing printed materials with you to the event. CareerMD is not responsible for shipped items.

My organization recruits for just one specialty. Should we attend a Career Fair?

While single specialty employers are welcome to participate in CareerMD Career Fairs, these events are generally more productive for organizations that recruit for numerous specialties and subspecialties. If your organization recruits for just a single specialty, we recommend that you consider a CareerMD service that will enable you to target only the specialty you seek. We suggest that you post your job online (complimentary), that you place an ad in an E-Job Bulletin ($340/job) or specialty-specific Virtual Career Fairs ($460/event), and/or that you subscribe to the CareerMD Candidate Database ($520/month). Information about these other products can be found on our website. We suggest that you post your job online (complimentary), that you place an ad in an E-Bulletin ($215/job), or that you subscribe to the CareerMD Candidate Database ($280/month). Information about these other products can be found on our website.

Where can I see the list of events my organization is registered to attend?

You can view your organization's upcoming career fair registrations by logging into your CareerMD account. They are listed at the top of the page under “Upcoming Orders.

What should I do if I need to cancel my career fair registration? Can I receive a refund or credit?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you can no longer attend a Career Fair and wish to cancel, please contact With more than 30 days’ notice, we can provide a credit or swap for another upcoming Career Fair within the calendar year. Please note that we cannot provide credits / swaps within 30 days of the event date. If you are have an All Access or Regional Access pass, there is no penalty to cancel, swap or add events. Simply email before the event date (ideally at least 14 days in advance).

Job Bulletins

Who receives E-Job Bulletins?

Electronic Job Bulletins are sent by email directly to residents, fellows and training programs nationwide. For distribution information on specific specialties, click on the blue link for additional details on the number of residents, fellows and programs to whom our Job Bulletin is sent out.

What is the cost to advertise in the Job Bulletins?

The cost per advertisement is $340, which covers one distribution.

When are the Job Bulletins distributed or published?

A new Job Bulletin is published (i.e. sent out via email) every other Tuesday. Please refer to the publication dates listed under each bulletin category on the Job Bulletin page.

How do I purchase an ad in a Job Bulletin?

If your job listing is already posted online, log into your account and click on "Buy Now" under the Job Bulletin section your account page. From here, you can choose which listing you would like to include in the upcoming CareerMD Job Bulletin. If you need to add or edit your listing, please do so before placing your order, via the link to "Post/Edit Physician Jobs" on the My Account page. Once you save your changes, a screen will appear asking if you'd like to email your vacancy for $340. Click "Yes" and continue through the payment steps.

Can I edit my ad after placing an order?

Yes. You can edit your job listing any time before the submission deadline, even if you've already placed your order. To edit your listing, click on "Post/Edit Jobs" on your account page.

How can I review my past orders?

To view your Job Bulletin order history, log into your CareerMD account and click on the "View Orders” link.

How can I see the version of my ad that candidates see?

The most recent Job Bulletin issues are published on our Job Bulletins webpage. Click the blue link to review a recent sample under the appropriate specialty name.

Is there a word limit for Job Bulletin ads?

No. Each Job Bulletin entry includes the first 2-4 lines of your job listing, your contact information, and a link to view the complete listing online. Please make sure to update your contact information and job listing before the Job Bulletin publication date. If you are an All Access, Regional Access and Digital Access subscriber, all of your job listings within a given specialty will be featured in the Job Bulletins.

Job Postings

What types of opportunities are posted on the online job database?

Employers can post employment, fellowship and/or residency opportunities for residents, fellows, and practicing physicians. Employment opportunities can include full-time, part-time, locum tenens, in-house, contracted, clinical and/or research opportunities.

Who visits CareerMD's job database?

CareerMD's online job database is a resource for residents, fellows and practicing physicians who are looking for employment, fellowship and/or residency opportunities.

What is the cost to post opportunities on CareerMD's online job database?

There is no cost to post employment, fellowship or residency opportunities on

How long does a listing stay posted online?

Listings are posted on until employers choose to deactivate them. We suggest deactivating a listing as soon as the position is filled. Employers can also refresh their opportunities at any time, which will bring those listings to the top of search results.

How can I add/remove/refresh/edit my job postings?

You can adjust your postings by logging into your CareerMD account and clicking on "Post/Edit Jobs" link on your account page.

How can I view what my listing looks like to the physicians?

You can view your listing as it appears to the residents and fellows by going to our physicians website ("Home") and searching by Job ID number:

How will candidates contact me?

Interested candidates can email the designated applicant contact directly through our website, by clicking on the "Email this employer" button that is tied to your listing. Candidates can upload their CV and include other relevant contact information in this email. Candidates may also contact you via your phone/fax numbers or your website, if that information is provided in your applicant contact profile or job description.

How can I protect my contact information?

We suggest including as little contact information as possible in the text description of your ad. Candidates can contact you via email directly through our website, so there is no need to type out your email address in the job description of the ad. However, if you would like to provide additional contact information in the job description section, you're welcome to do so.

Are search firms allowed to post on the CareerMD job database?

Yes, search firms are welcome to post vacancies on When searching for jobs, physicians have the option to include or exclude search firm opportunities.

Are search firms allowed to contact in-house recruiters using CareerMD's job database?

No. Search firms are prohibited from using CareerMD's job database to contact in-house recruiters. We request that employers notify CareerMD if they are contacted by a search firm through our online job database. Emails can be forwarded to

Candidate Database

What information is included in each candidate profile?

All profiles include the candidate's name, email address, current training program, year of transition, citizenship status and geographic preferences. In many cases, a candidate's profile includes a CV, headshot or phone number, and may also include information about medical school and undergraduate education, personal information such as marital status, and possibly additional detail about the candidate's employment preferences.

I am ready to start contacting candidates. How do I subscribe to the service?

To subscribe to the Candidate Database, log in to your CareerMD account and click the "Subscribe Now" link underneath the Candidate Database title. Subscriptions may be purchased in the following increments: 3 months, 6 months, or a full year.

How do I access information about candidates?

You can log in to your CareerMD account at any time and view candidates. Just click the "Search for Candidates (Physicians)" link in the Candidate Database section of your account page.

If I hire a candidate through the Candidate Database, do I have to pay an additional fee?

No. The Candidate Database is a monthly subscription service. The cost is $520 per month. There are no additional fees, even if you hire candidates.

How many physicians are in the CareerMD Candidate Database?

The number of active candidates in the database varies by day. We are constantly adding new candidates and removing those who have already found employment. The current number of candidates in the database can be found here:

I contacted one of my matches, and the candidate did not answer my email.

If you contact a candidate and do not receive a reply, we recommend that you follow up at least one time, as residents and fellows have busy schedules and may have missed your first email message. If, however, after two or three attempts, a candidate does not reply, you may conclude that he or she is not interested in your vacancy. CareerMD has no control over whether or not candidates in the database will respond to your emails.

How does CareerMD populate its candidate database?

Candidates enter into the candidate database through numerous channels. Many are residents and fellows who have attended CareerMD Career Fairs across the country. Others are active users of our website.

At $520/month, the CareerMD Candidate Database is far less expensive than other comparable databases. How and why is this?

Most of the candidate data in the CareerMD Candidate Database is self-reported by job-seeking residents and fellows. Because CareerMD does not need to maintain a staff to cold call and interview residents and fellows, we can provide candidate data at a relatively low cost.

COVID-19 Updates

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect in-person Physician Career Fairs?

Starting in June 2020, all Career Fairs are currently being hosted as "hybrid" events -- combining virtual & in-person components: (1) registration for the 24-hour Virtual Career Fair platform; (2) optional 5-minute live or recorded video presentations during the 5-6pm “Recruiter Power Hour”; and (3) optional in-person attendance at outdoor venues / food trucks with limited capacity, social distancing, masks, and an informal setting (i.e., no assigned stations or giveaways). We are closely monitoring safety guidelines for the latter. Registered exhibitors are entitled to all three components. The hybrid format is meant to maximize physician & recruiter participation and engagement, while also following safety guidelines per local, state and national levels. (All April-May 2020 Career Fairs were hosted online.)

I need to fill physician vacancies ASAP. How can CareerMD help?

CareerMD has a full suite of online & digital services readily available to fill immediate needs. Virtual Career Fairs, SEO + Programmatic Advertising, Job Bulletins, Candidate Database access, Direct Mail, printed Programs, and more! Please see options below. You may also select the “Products” dropdown on the CareerMD website to view the Online, Featured, and Print products. As mentioned above, all April-July 2020 Career Fairs will have online / virtual components. June-July events will have in-person meal deliveries or meal pickups.

CareerMD Virtual Career Fairs

For the April-June 2020 in-person Career Fairs that are now being hosted online as statewide Virtual Career Fairs – what is the format and cost?

The April-June 2020 in-person Career Fairs have moved online! Please see details below. Participation guidelines: Virtual booth description: Your virtual event booth is branded with your organization’s logo and features information about your current vacancies, mission, facilities, and community. Candidate list: After the event, you are entitled to receive a complete list of all providers who registered. This candidate list will include contact information, training information, and, if the candidate has made this information available to us, employment preferences, headshot, and a complete CV. Cost to participate: The cost to participate in this event is $750. This includes custom setup of your online event booth, inclusion in all online and email promotional campaigns for this event, and the lead list of candidates. Registration deadline: The deadline to register for each event is one week in advance. If you are interested in participating, email your account representative or for a form, or register online.

Can you explain the different CareerMD Virtual Fairs?

- Statewide Virtual Career Fairs (April-June 2020): these are location-specific events promoted to residents, fellows and APPs across an entire state. They are hosted on the same dates & times as the previous in-person Career Fairs for April-June 2020 that have now moved online. You can still reach the physicians you need in these locations, from the comfort of home! - Specialty-Specific Physician Virtual Career Fairs: hosted 3 times per week across 36 specialties, the physician Virtual Career Fairs are a chance to connect with physicians across the country in the specialties you need to fill. Rate of $460 per event. - Specialty-Specific APP Virtual Career Fairs: dedicated online virtual events for PAs, NPs, CRNAs, and more. Rate of $600 per event. - Specialty-Specific Healthcare Virtual Career Fairs: dedicated online virtual events for healthcare providers such as Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Surgical Technology, Occupational Therapy, and more. Rate of $600 per event. - Custom Virtual Career Fairs: Hosted on the RemoteRecruitMD Platform that CareerMD builds and maintains just for your organization, your Custom Virtual Career Fair can support your medical staff development needs for residents, fellows, and practicing physicians in all medical specialties and in all parts of the country. Contact us to find out date availability (spots fill up fast) and reserve your custom event. Rate of $1,700/event. All Virtual Career Fairs include a post-fair candidate lead list – including the profiles and contact information of all candidates who registered to participate. Most lists are provided about 2-3 business days after the Virtual Fair.

I have an All Access or Regional Access account with CareerMD. Am I automatically included in Virtual Career Fairs?

As an All Access or Regional Access subscriber, your job listings on are automatically included in the Physician Specialty-Specific Virtual Career Fairs (and Job Bulletins) based on a “match” between the specialty of your job vacancy and the physician specialty-specific Virtual Career Fair. You may also register for any of the April-June 2020 Statewide Virtual Career Fairs (previously in-person Career Fairs). As a Regional Access subscriber, you may register for any events within your region. Please contact to request your registrations, or your account representative. For Healthcare or APP Specialty-Specific Virtual Career Fairs, those services are not included with All Access or Regional Access, but you are welcome to register through your CareerMD representative ($600/event). Custom Virtual Fairs are one-day-only events that are exclusive to your organization and are not included with All Access or Regional Access. You may register through your CareerMD account representative ($1,700/event).

What is the format / what is included with my registration?

Your registration entitles you to a Virtual Booth and the lead list of candidates. Candidates will access the virtual platform throughout the day as their schedules allow, allowing for maximum participation. For the Statewide Virtual Career Fairs, registration also includes promotion of your organization in all online and email campaigns sent to candidates for the event. For the Specialty-Specific Virtual Career Fairs, these 24-hour events are accessed on the candidate side only. You do not need to be available. If candidates choose to reach out, they will email or call you directly. For all virtual fairs, candidates are able to contact recruiters directly via email or phone if they’re interested in your organization & vacancies or have any questions. We encourage you to reply to all candidate inquiries, since these are candidates who are currently online and interested in your organization! You will receive the full candidate lead list after the event, including day-of registrations.

What is included in my Virtual Booth?

Your virtual booth will be created by CareerMD and will include information such as your organization’s company profile, job vacancies, logo, recruiter name & contact profile, and more.

For the Statewide Virtual Career Fairs (April-June 2020), will physician turnout be similar to in-person Career Fairs?

While we cannot predict future attendance, recent virtual fairs have had similar participation as the in-person events in those same locations. It is often more convenient for physicians to access an online event as their schedule permits. CareerMD utilizes the expertise of both our digital & events team to drive candidate traffic to these events and participating employers.

When will I receive the candidate lead list?

For the Specialty-Specific MD Virtual Career Fairs, the candidate lead lists are emailed to the Main Administrative Contact on your CareerMD account, two business days after the virtual event. Please log into your CareerMD account to view/change the Main Admin Contact. For the Statewide Virtual Career Fairs, in-house recruiters have access to the RSVP list upon registration. You may monitor the list in real time before the event and reach out to candidates of interest. After the event, the designated Event Contact / Virtual Booth contact will be emailed the complete list of participating candidates about 1-4 business days after the event date, including full profiles and contact information. You are welcome & encouraged to reach out to candidates of interest.

Do I need to be available / online during virtual events?

No, you do not need to be available during the Virtual Career Fairs. Your organization will appear via virtual booth. Any interested candidates are able to contact the designated event contact (statewide) or applicant contact (specialty-specific) via phone call or email. A CareerMD representative will be available via live chat during the Statewide Virtual Fairs to answer any questions that candidates may have and to collect additional contact information.

I see that the Virtual Fairs are hosted all day / 24 hours. Does that mean a candidate might call me anytime of day? Should I respond to emails right away?

While the virtual events are open all day to allow candidates to participate as their schedules allow, most candidates tend to place phone calls during business hours (morning through late afternoon). Other candidates may email you directly. We encourage you to reply to emails or phone calls at your earliest convenience. You do not need to be on "standby" all day, but emails & calls are placed in real time, so the candidate may be online and responsive to a returned email or call.

If I receive an email inquiry during the Statewide Virtual Career Fair, what will that look like?

The email inquiry will have the subject line "New Lead from Your CareerMD Campaign" and will be sent from "CareerMD System", Leads include the candidate's name, email address, and phone number (optional). We encourage you to reply to leads at your earliest convenience. The submission forms for emails are designed to provide a low barrier for entry, so that candidates are not discouraged by multiple required fields. If you prefer to view the candidate's profile before reaching out (to view specialty, training program, etc) - you may log into your CareerMD account to search the Candidate Database or the RSVP list by first & last name. Candidate Database searches require access to the CareerMD database. RSVP lists are included with your event registration.

RemoteRecruitMD Platform + Digital Services

I’ve heard of terms like SEO and Geofencing but I’m not sure what those terms really mean. Can you clarify?

-Programmatic Advertising: paid online advertisements targeting specific audiences. Examples below (geofencing, retargeting, etc). -Geofencing: reach candidates within a specified geographic area. Allows you to target specific conferences, hospitals, or training programs. -Retargeting: target candidates with display ads once they have accessed your landing page and have navigated away to other sites. -Keyword Search / Search Engine Marketing: Target active job-seeking candidates with ads based on keyword & Google searches. -Search Engine Optimization: appearing high up in rankings from organic searches on search engines like Google.

What is the RemoteRecruitMD Platform?

The RemoteRecruitMD Platform is CareerMD’s proprietary format for running programmatic advertising campaigns designed specifically for physician recruiters. Based on the existing recruiting materials that you already have and use to convey information to candidates, your RemoteRecruitMD platform functions much like a tailored job board designed just for your vacancies. This “tailored job board” features a wealth of recruiting material (brochures, videos, photos) and is designed to convert spend in to leads.

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