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From its beginnings more than 50 years ago, Lalmba has chosen to work in the most remote and impoverished communities in East Africa. We establish modern medical care in communities that have none. Right now we operate projects in Kenya and Ethiopia. Our goals are achievable. We have seen communities transform before our eyes. We've had the pleasure of declaring 'mission accomplished,' and the challenge to reach deeper to find the communities that are in greatest need of basic medical care. We strive to serve the 'end of the road' where no other agencies go and resources are most scarce.
As medical director at one of our rural African projects, you would be challenged to use your diagnostic skills without benefit of modern technology, you would see diagnoses you only ever read about in textbooks, you would be pushed to the limits of your personal and professional skills, and your life would never be the same. Go for it! Practicing tropical medicine with us will change your life!

About the Community

Chiri, Ethiopia is in the highland rainforest. Matoso, Kenya is along the shores of Lake Victoria. Both sites are rural East African villages. Expat housing includes private hut with toilet, shared kitchen/living area. Medical/life insurance, travel expenses and food/lodging provided.

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