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Family Medicine, Nurse Practitioner

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About the Organization

Why OurHealth?

>OurHealth has no ownership or affiliation with any hospital, insurance company, pharmacy, or other established healthcare provider.
>OurHealth Physician Group, an independent primary care group dedicated to supporting OurHealth clinics, works in tandem with OurHealth.
>A value-based referral approach keeps synergy with consumer directed health plan designs and emerging transparency tools.

Service Excellence
>Direct involvement in execution and delivery by company founders.
>Dedicated account management teams with a strong service focus.
>Robust clinical staff recruitment, onboarding, and training programs.
>Sophisticated, timely, and actionable reporting.

Integrated health Management Model
>Top notch medicinal leadership within each clinic.
>Proven model integrating wellness, lifestyle, and targeted chronic condition management programs.

>Unique client focuses; not a one size fits all solution.

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Nurse Practitioner

NP or PA for Employer-Sponsored Health Clinic

Carmel, Indiana OurHealth -

Last Updated: 6/05/20  |   Posted: 6/05/20

Family Medicine

Family Practice Physician

Indianapolis, Indiana OurHealth -

Last Updated: 12/30/15  |   Posted: 12/29/15