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CMDscience connects talent leaders with skilled professionals in life sciences, engineering, small molecules, and medical devices.

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CMDscience’s series of Virtual Career Fairs draws the attention of thousands of qualified job-seeking science & engineering professionals each quarter.

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Distributed via email nationwide, CMDscience E-Bulletins provide employers with a simple, affordable way to send job vacancies directly to potential candidates.

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Network with potential candidates and build awareness of your organization by participating in CMDscience Career Fairs nationwide.

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Leading life science, biotechnology, engineering, medical device, and pharmaceutical organizations across the country use CMDscience to connect with top talent.

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CMDscience Virtual Career Fairs help job-seeking scientists, engineers, researchers and technologists learn about your organization and job opportunities. Each event is an occasion for interested candidates to become acquainted with your organization and to reach out to you directly to ask questions and express interest.

  • Educate potential applicants about the strength of your organization
  • Converse with interested applicants at your convenience

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Virtual Fairs by Specialty
Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering
Cancer Research
Chemical Engineering
Clinical Laboratory Science
Clinical Research Associates
Mechanical Engineering
Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Regulatory Affairs
Research & Development
Virtual Fairs by Region
Southern California
Boston & Cambridge
(New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, DC)
San Francisco Bay Area
North Carolina Research Triangle
Texas and the Southwest

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Talent managers use our widely circulated E-Bulletins to push their job vacancies to science and engineering professionals across the country.

Adding a listing to the Job Bulletin is easy: you can email us the content you would like to feature, or our account managers can collect your listing(s) from your own job board or any external site that you specify.

CMDscience E-Bulletins
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Clinical Trials
Electrical Engineering
Genetic Epidemiology
Manufacturing & Production
Medical Directors
Pharmacology & Pharmacogenomics
Quality Assurance
Quantitative Biology & Computational Biology
E-Bulletins by Region
Bay Area
North Carolina RTP
Schedule of CMDscience In-Person Recruiting Events
Monday October 03

CMDscience Event in Rochester, NY

Mon., Oct 3, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday October 06

CMDscience Event in Seattle, WA

Thu., Oct 6, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday October 11

CMDscience Event in Winston-Salem, NC

Tue., Oct 11, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday October 12

CMDscience Event in Louisville, KY

Wed., Oct 12, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday October 13

CMDscience Event in Boston, MA

Thu., Oct 13, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday October 18

CMDscience Event in Westchester, NY

Tue., Oct 18, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday October 19

CMDscience Event in Phoenix, AZ

Wed., Oct 19, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday October 20

CMDscience Event in Orlando, FL

Thu., Oct 20, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday October 25

CMDscience Event in Birmingham, AL

Tue., Oct 25, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday October 26

CMDscience Event in Youngstown, OH

Wed., Oct 26, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday October 27

CMDscience Event in Washington, DC

Thu., Oct 27, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday November 01

CMDscience Event in Milwaukee, WI

Tue., Nov 1, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday November 02

CMDscience Event in San Jose, CA

Wed., Nov 2, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday November 03

CMDscience Event in Johnson City, TN

Thu., Nov 3, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday November 09

CMDscience Event in Columbia, MO

Wed., Nov 9, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday November 10

CMDscience Event in Lexington, KY

Thu., Nov 10, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Saturday November 12

CMDscience Event in San Juan, PR

Sat., Nov 12, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday November 15

CMDscience Event in Rochester, MN

Tue., Nov 15, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday November 16

CMDscience Event in Galveston, TX

Wed., Nov 16, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday November 17

CMDscience Event in Greenville, SC

Thu., Nov 17, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Friday November 18

CMDscience Event in New Orleans, LA

Fri., Nov 18, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday November 30

CMDscience Event in Brooklyn, NY

Wed., Nov 30, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday December 01

CMDscience Event in Springfield, IL

Thu., Dec 1, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Monday December 05

CMDscience Event in Baltimore, MD

Mon., Dec 5, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday December 06

CMDscience Event in Las Vegas, NV

Tue., Dec 6, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday December 07

CMDscience Event in Providence, RI

Wed., Dec 7, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday December 08

CMDscience Event in Savannah, GA

Thu., Dec 8, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Tuesday December 13

CMDscience Event in Albuquerque, NM

Tue., Dec 13, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Wednesday December 14

CMDscience Event in Ann Arbor, MI

Wed., Dec 14, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

Thursday December 15

CMDscience Event in San Antonio, TX

Thu., Dec 15, 2022  •  5pm-8pm

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