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At Greenbrook Medical, we are ushering in the future of value-based primary care in America. We deliver high-quality, personalized care to seniors with Medicare Advantage, and we're committed to helping our members live a healthy, fulfilling life by preventing illness, not just treating it.

We have 30 years of experience delivering value-based primary care in Tampa Bay, and are actively expanding throughout the region, with two locations today and a third opening soon, which is where the current vacancy is.

We offer our physicians the opportunity to practice primary care how they always imagined -- developing deep relationships with their patients and becoming a part of the community. Patients love this personalized attention from their doctor, and we take pride in the culture we've created. We have a centralized team to handle most of the administrative functions of the practice. And we offer market-leading compensation, with competitive base salaries and substantial performance-based bonuses.

We'd invite anyone interested to come visit one of our locations to get to know our staff and better understand the Greenbrook Medical experience.

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Internal Medicine

Highly-compensated primary care in Tampa Bay

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Last Updated: 11/08/21  |   Posted: 11/08/21