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About the Organization

OAG is an equal opportunity employer supporting an inclusive culture that promotes and values diversity.

We are physician owned, and physician led. We are fully committed to OAGs mission to deliver safe, innovative and efficient care that keeps the safety and comfort of the patient at the center of everything we do.

For over 30 years OAG has delivered high-quality anesthesia care to patients in Oregon. Our physician-owned practice represents 275+ anesthesiologists and 25+ nurse anesthetists who provide anesthesiology services to patients in more than 30 facilities, including hospitals, surgery centers, and office-based practices.

Our strength and longevity is rooted in our commitment to attract and retain anesthesia experts who understand compassion is an inextricable part of providing expert health care. When smart, driven professionals join together for the good of the patient, the promise of high-quality health care is easily met.

Our focus on proactive leadership positions us to meet the challenges of an ever-changing health care industry. Many of our partner facilities rely on OAG anesthesiologists to fill their clinical leadership roles as medical directors, hospital department chairs, or staff presidents.

Internally, our physician-led committees oversee all areas of our practice. This means that OAG physician leaders drive the vision for all aspects of our organization in partnership with our CEO. Our business staff applies this direction to their activities of professional management.

About the Community

OAGs care of people goes beyond the OR. Our physicians make a difference in a variety of ways, including mission work, nonprofit volunteerism, and environmental stewardship. We recognize and support these activities as they contribute to a balanced life that is good for all concerned.

With each consultation, we take the time to build trust with our patient and their families. They learn we are constantly looking for ways to keep them safe and comfortable and appreciate our dedication to be by their side throughout their procedure.

Our expertise assures patients we will apply practical thinking and scientific skill during their case, and, in the rare event it is needed, are well equipped to calmly manage any medical urgency.

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