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About the Organization

In the Air National Guard, you can be almost anything; but you'll never be bored. Whether you dream of a rewarding career or the thrill of working with the most advanced aircraft in the world, you'll find the adventure of a lifetime in the Air Guard.
In the Air Guard, you'll begin a military career that can take you wherever you choose. The Air Guard proves you've got what it takes, no matter what the challenge. Pay increases with your rank and time in service, plus eligibility for bonuses and special pay.
You'll receive world-class training in the Air Guard that can prepare you for new opportunities in your civilian life. It can give you a real competitive edge in the job market, or can help you advance in your current career. Opportunities for funded, advanced and continuing education are what the Air Guard strives for.
The Air Guard provides advanced training, which allows health professionals to enhance their wartime readiness. They learn skills necessary to manage and operate an air transportable hospital, provide critical care in the air or conduct medical operations in field situations. Wartime readiness is something we are all part of. Whether it involves training or providing direct care, as a healthcare professional, our No 1 priority is to provide high-quality care to our Airmen.

About the Community

The New York Air National Guard Health Professionals; a unique military branch that offers opportunities you won't find in any other organization on the planet. Everyone has their own reason for joining - the training, the flexibility, the extra paycheck. But it's the sense of purpose, and the pride of serving your community and country, that will make you want to stay. When you join, you'll be surrounded by people who share a commitment to protecting those in need, while making each other better. The bonds you form here will last a lifetime. Members of the New York Air National Guard Health Professionals are dynamic individuals who lead purpose-driven lives. Most maintain a full-time career in addition to training one weekend a month, and two weeks a year in the New York Air National Guard. They typically train close to their homes, often alongside neighbors and friends, and they take immense pride in serving their local communities.
They're also proud to be a part of the New York Air National Guard family -a community of people dedicated to supporting each other and improving the lives of others.

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Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

Newburgh, New York NY Air National Guard -

Last Updated: 6/06/18  |   Posted: 6/06/18

Emergency Medicine


Newburgh, New York NY Air National Guard -

Last Updated: 6/06/18  |   Posted: 1/03/18