Concord Medical Group (Dallas)

2800 Corporate Dr Suite 203 -Flower Mount 75028

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Louisiana, Texas
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Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Physician Assistant

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At Concord Medical Group, Inc., we are dedicated to partnering with health care facilities to provide excellent patient care and help them operate more efficiently, while generating more revenue for each hospital. We are proactive in our pursuit of quality. In addition, our highly trained and experienced staff in Dallas, Abilene, and Lubbock, are all a phone call or an email away including the owner of our company. We dont shy away from problems. We solve them even if that means an on site visit. We are looking for full-time and part-time physicians to work with us and have medical director positions available as well.

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Family Medicine

Rural Health Clinic

Texas Concord Medical Group (Dallas) -

Last Updated: 1/14/15  |   Posted: 1/14/15

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Position

Louisiana Concord Medical Group (Dallas) -

Last Updated: 1/14/15  |   Posted: 1/14/15

Physician Assistant

NP/PA needed

Fort Worth area, Texas Concord Medical Group (Dallas) -

Last Updated: 1/06/15  |   Posted: 1/07/14