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About the Organization

Cherokee Nation operates an accredited network of eight health centers, one hospital and multiple programs in the tribe's 14 county jurisdictional boundaries, serving more than 130,000 eligible patients.

Cherokee Nation Health Services (CNHS) promotes and encourages a highly skilled workforce and partners with multiple residential programs, colleges, universities and technical schools to provide training opportunities for medical, nursing, dental and allied health professionals. Resident physicians, dentists and medical providers are rotated through different specialties to ensure they are prepared to care for patients throughout their life. CNHS physicians have the expertise and experience to prepare the residents to become highly qualified providers. The Cherokee Nation - W.W. Hastings Hospital (CNWWH) has been a much sought after rotation for medical students.

CNHS Mission:

We are dedicated to working with our communities, families, and individuals to promote and improve their health.

CNHS Vision:

The Cherokee people will achieve an optimal level of health resulting in healthy communities for this and future generations.

About the Community

The Cherokee Nation today is an active leader in education, housing, vocational training, business and economic development. It is the second-largest Indian tribe in the United States with more than 300,000 tribal citizens. Over 70,000 Cherokee reside within a 7,000 square mile geographical area, which is not a reservation but rather a federally-recognized, truly sovereign nation covering most of northeast Oklahoma. Its jurisdictional service area encompasses eight entire counties along with portions of six others. As one of only three such federally-recognized Cherokee tribes, the Cherokee Nation has both the sovereign right and the responsibility to exercise control and development over tribal assets, including more than 66,000 acres of land and 96 miles of the Arkansas Riverbed.
The communities in which Cherokee Nation operates health centers are rich in local, state and some national history. We encourage you to visit our opportunities to learn more about each location!

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Certified Nurse Anesthetist

Tahlequah, Oklahoma Cherokee Nation Health Services - W.W. Hastings Hospital

Last Updated: 12/05/19  |   Posted: 12/05/19

Family Medicine

Primary Care Physician

Tahlequah, Oklahoma Cherokee Nation Health Services - Outpatient Health Facility

Last Updated: 11/15/19  |   Posted: 11/15/19

Family Medicine

Urgent Care Physician

Tahlequah, Oklahoma Cherokee Nation Health Services - W.W. Hastings Hosptial

Last Updated: 11/15/19  |   Posted: 11/15/19



Tahlequah, Oklahoma Cherokee Nation Health Services - W.W. Hastings Hospital

Last Updated: 11/15/19  |   Posted: 11/15/19