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Faculty Opportunity at #1 Hospital in the state

University of Kentucky
Lexington , KY
Applicant Contact
Hannah Kaltenbach
Physician Placement Liason
(859) 218-5599

Job Description

Clinical Title Series
Non-Tenure Track or tenure track
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Neonatology
Job Description

This position is needed in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the Division, Department and College in education, service and research consistent with the mission of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

The primary responsibility of the position is directed to the large clinical load cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Kentucky Childrens Hospital. This unit is a regional Level IV unit, which cares for an average daily census of approximately 80 infants. However, based on the candidates credentials, protected time and support for research, education or QI are possible. Potential for certain Divisional leadership roles for the right candidate (Associate level and above).

1. Shall have an MD/DO degree or equivalent
2. Board eligibility in Pediatrics and completion of 3 years training in Neonatology
3. Shall be eligible for or licensed in the State of Kentucky

1. Provide direct patient care to patients admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
2. Write daily progress notes on all patients, submit clinical charges, and oversee the fellow, resident, neonatal nurse practitioners, physician assistants and ancillary staff in providing care.
3. Participate in night and week-end on call coverage as assigned by the clinical division chief.
4. Provide individual teaching to pediatric residents and/or other health care professionals participating in the care of patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
5. Supervise all aspects of care on the clinical service including: a.) ventilated patients, b.) patients on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), and c.) patients in the transitional care unit of the NICU.
6. Serve as an attending in the NICU.
7. Serve as an attending in other nurseries placed under the direction of the University of Kentucky.
8. Willing to serve as an attending in the NICU Graduate Clinic based on clinical need for coverage and under the discretion of the Division Chief
9. Participate in or lead Division research projects
10. Perform QI projects based on the clinical needs of the NICU and under the discretion of of the Division Chief
11. Present new information at regional, national and/or international scientific meetings.
12. Serve on Childrens Hospital and College of Medicine committees as needed.
13. Participate in dissertation/thesis committees that fit within the mission of the Department of Pediatrics and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

Assistant Professor (Local)
1. Board eligible in Pediatrics certification must be acquired within two years of employment
2. Board eligible in Neonatology certification must be acquired within three years of employment.
3. Patient Care: Potential for demonstrated capability as a clinician of Critical and Developmental Care of the neonate as attested to by colleagues, peers, fellows, and students.
4. Research: Continuation of multiple research studies related to inflammatory markers in pulmonary hypertension in neonates, continuous renal therapy versus diuretic intensive therapy in neonates with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation study. Will include further expansion of roles in national sections at the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Neonatology.
5. Teaching: Potential for evidence of capability and effectiveness as a teacher as attested to by supervisors, colleagues or peers, residents and students.
6. Professional Development: Shall have evidence of potential professional status recognition at local level by participation in professional conferences to keep abreast of the field.

Associate Professor (Regional Recognition)
In addition to meeting the criteria for Assistant Professor, appointment or promotion to the rank of Associate Professor shall require

1. Board certified in Pediatrics
2. Board certified in Neonatal Perinatal Medicine
3. Patient Care Evidence of substantial achievement, growth, improvement and professional recognition at regional level as attested to by peers and colleagues. Potential for Department/College committees.
4. Administrative: Contribution of service to the University and community.
5. Teaching: Evidence of capability and effectiveness as a teacher as attested by colleagues, peers, resident and students.
6. Professional Development: Significant contribution of service to the University and community, evidence of professional status and leadership at the state and regional level, and evidence of creative productivity at the state and regional level through publications, presentations or election to committees or office of a professional organization at a state or regional level.

Professor (National and perhaps International Recognition)
In addition to meeting the criteria for Associate Professor, appointment or promotion to the rank of Professor shall require:

1. Patient Care Evidence of demonstrated excellence, reputation and recognition for excellence in the practice of Pediatrics and Neonatology as identified and attested to by colleagues and peers. Potential for Department/College committees.
2. Teaching Excellence as an accomplished teacher and as measured by evaluations by peers, students, residents and fellows.
3. Administration: Evidence of improved quality of health care, publications of outcome research and presentations at regional and national meetings.
4. Professional Development: Outstanding professional status through leadership and regional and perhaps national recognition by peers such as holding office, serving on regional and perhaps national committees, visiting professorships, reviewer for professional journals, receipt of grant support for training, education and/or research.

NOTE: Appointment or promotion to the rank of professor is recognition of attainment rather than length of service.

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