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TSgt TSgt Kevin Alvarado
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* * For residents in their last year that have not signed a contract yet or Physicians currently practicing, the Air Force is hiring physicians to be a part of the best team in the world.

The Air Force isn't just a branch of the military; it's a global family of Airmen living around the world with their spouses and children. And when it comes to caring for these families, the Air Force looks to the best and brightest Family Medicine Physicians in the world. You'll treat all ages just as you would as a civilian, but since your sole priority is patient care, you won't have to deal with insurance red tape or overhead expenses.

At the end of the day, your job will be to ensure that every family member is just as healthy as the Airmen they live with.

- Work in an established practice in group clinic or hospital settings

- No overhead expenditures

- No payroll headaches,

- No equipment tax issues,

- No collection hassles from insurance companies

- 30 days of vacation a year with pay

- Autonomy to prescribe treatments without HMO's permission

- Managed patient loads

- Ability to build your skills without the cash burden of building a practice

If these benefits interest you please contact me at the information below and I can discuss all the other benefits the Air Force offers.

Christopher Holt, TSgt, USAF

Health Professions Recruiter
342nd Air Force Recruiting Squadron
331 Salem Place, Ste 250
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Cell: 618-610-0817
Office: 618-624-3795
Fax: 618-624-6641

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